Leah Borromeo is a London-based journalist with a nose for the noise behind the headlines. She has served as Foreign Editor at Sky News, fawned over Jon Snow’s bad jokes at Channel 4 News, and nearly died in a Land Rover for APTN. Always keen on a juicy story and an inappropriate comment, she may or may not have an involvement with an otter-obsessed weekly popular culture mailout.

Having a knack of being in the wrong place at the right time, she’s been at the forefront of 24-hour rolling newsgathering for many of the past decade’s “big ones”. Frontline yet fashionable, she’s been featured in Grazia Magazine for her Tweets over the 2009 Iranian elections and received not one, but two kisses from Yasser Arafat. She owns a trumpet, but prefers if others blow it.

Able to generate, shoot and edit her own material for broadcast and print, she is unleashing herself to an unsuspecting public in the hopes of becoming one of those fuckers you consult when you want to know more about shit. And to win the Pulitzer.

All work published on this site, unless stated, is her own.


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