Ooh. I’ve done “new things”….

After years of barking at cameramen and laying shopping lists of demands on tape editors (most of whom I can still only recognise by the backs of their heads), I sat a two-week shoot/edit course at the Frontline Club.

I came out with a certificate that says I know what a camera does and that computers are not just for Googling prospective boyfriends.

And the little film below. It’s W.H. Auden’s “If I Could Tell You” as read out by a friend I shanghai-ed into the job.

Many thanks to Anthony Wood, Simon Ruben, Vaughn Smith, and Alec S Loth.

Still images courtesy Westminster City Archives (who gave me some darling white gloves to handle photographs with. I felt like Michael Jackson rifling through high school yearbooks).



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2 responses to “Ooh. I’ve done “new things”….

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  2. bertie

    V atmospheric Ms L. I will look forward to your version of Koyaanisqatsi next x

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